Trash Collection Fees

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Current Size: 80%

If you need to put out additional bags of trash next to your toter, refuse stickers will be sold at the Treasurer's office and Public Utilities for $1.00 each. After purchase, place refuse stickers on each additional bag of trash. 

Residential $24.00/month fee

1 City provided Toter trash cart per week 
10 units yard debris collected once every two weeks
5 units bulk collection collected once every two week

Unlimited recycling

($11.00 is applied to the solid waste management fee)

Residents can request a second 96-gallon Toter trash cart which is billed at an additional $10 per month for the servicing of the extra Toter trash cart.



1 Unit/Day or 5 Units/Week $31.00 
2 Units/Day or 10 Units/Week $51.00
3 Units/Day or 15 Units/Week $71.00 
4 Units/Day or 20 Units/Week $91.00
5 Units/Day or 25 Units/Week $111.00 
6 Units/Day or 30 Units/Week $131.000 
7 Units/Day or 35 Units/Week $151.00
8 Units/Day or 40 Units/Week $171.00 
9 Units/Day or 45 Units/Week $191.00 
10 Units/Day or 50 Units/Week $211.00 
15 Units/Day or 75 Units/Week $231.00
20 Units/Day or 100 Units/Week $251.00
25 Units/Day or 125 Units/Week $271.00
30 Units/Day or 150 Units/Week $291.00
35 Units/Day or 175 Units/Week $311.00
40 Units/Day or 200 Units/Week $331.00 


($11.00 is applied to the Solid Waste Management Fee)


Solid Waste Management Fee

The City of Harrisonburg is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to recycle at least 25% of total solid waste it receives annually.  Specifically, the Solid Waste Management fee helps subsidize the cost for the recycling program, including but not limited to handling and processing of the total solid waste generated, in order to achieve state and federal mandates. The recycling program has been and will continue to be subsidized with funds from all customers regardless of whether they choose to recycle or not. However, we do encourage all residents and businesses to recycle.


Please contact the Public Works Department at 540-434-5928 with questions.