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Street Projects

Traffic Signals and Signs

The Public Works Department's Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of street signs throughout the City and for the maintenance, timing, and operation of 85 signalized intersections within the City of Harrisonburg.

Central Stores

Central Stores is the City of Harrisonburg's central warehouse facility, handling a large inventory of janitorial, safety, utility and maintenance items.

Snow and Ice

When it snows and sleets, city crews respond around the clock in 12-hour shifts to plow snow and ice covered streets, and repair equipment. Use this website to learn about salting and plowing in the city as well as to find a detailed map of salt and plow routes.

Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains over 300 lane miles, 42.37 miles of public sidewalk, 250 miles of curb and gutter, and hundreds of acres of city right-of-way. Public Works strives to ensure a safe, clean and clear passageway for all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Leaf Collection

The City offers an annual leaf collection program for the disposal of leaves. In addition to leaf collection services, the City also recommends alternative options for leaf maintenance.


The Adopt-A-Street program originated in the Virginia Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Virginia Division of Litter Control and Recycling and Keep Virginia Beautiful Inc. to help alleviate increasing litter problems.