Harrisonburg Citizen Academy

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Why Should I Give Up My Time for the Citizen Academy? What's in It for Me?

Different people have different reasons for participating.  While our citizens use city services every day, they very rarely see what happens "behind the scenes" or have access to information regarding why and how things happen.  The Academy is a great way to find out more about how the City of Harrisonburg is working for you.  Additionally, citizens who are considering or who may consider applying for an appointment to one of our many boards and commissions or even a future run for City Council

How is the Harrisonburg Citizen Academy Different From the Harrisonburg Citizen's Police Academy?

The City has excellent Citizen Police Academy that is open to all area residents and held in the spring.  That program details the activities of the Police Department.  The Harrisonburg Citizen Academy covers all city departments and services as opposed to just the Police Department.  The programs compliment each other and the City encourages you to participate in both.

What is the Attendance Requirement and Why is There an Attendance Requirement?

Participants in the academy must attend 9 of the 12 regular sessions (the optional tour is not included in this figure) to receive a certificate.  We recognize that our participants may experience conflicts over the course of the Academy program.  However, the city staff works very hard to make sure that participants get a comprehensive picture of the City.  If more than three sessions are missed, this picture is not complete.  Extenuating and unexpected circumstances will be taken into account as necessary.  We ask our participants to remember that city staff are also making time in their