Report Water Pollution

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Please use this form to report any water pollution or issues observed. In cases of large spills or an emergency please do not use this form, but call 9-1-1.

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Your Contact Information

If you wish to remain anonymous, leave all fields blank.

If you choose to not provide a means of contact, city staff may be unable to reach you to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted.

If you do provide contact information, this information may be used to initiate follow-up communications with you regarding your water pollution observations.

Include specific driving/walking directions (from nearest intersection, main road, waterway or supply navigational coordinates, if necessary).
If known, please include a description of the type and quantity of material(s) involved. Please indicate if surface waters have been affected.
*approximate time is okay
Please describe other conditions, as you are able (Was it windy? Do you remember wind direction? When was the last rain event? Etc.)


Information about the person, company or entity responsible for the pollution incident:

If you do not know who is responsible for the pollution, please leave the following fields blank.