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Real Estate 

Real Estate Assessment Information System

Real Estate Assessment Information System

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Tax Rates

Real Estate Tax

Important Real Estate Dates

Important Real Estate Dates

Real Estate Assessment

Real Estate Reassessment

The Real Estate office is responsible for maintaining all real property records for the purpose of assessment and taxation.

Transfers of ownership of property are performed by obtaining deed transfers, deeds of correction, lists of heirs, wills and other records from the Clerk's office.

It is important to maintain timely recordings of transfers to ensure actual owners of property are assessed and taxed.

The Real Estate office conducts the general reassessment of all real property in the City's jurisdiction. Virginia law requires that assessments be uniform and based on 100% of fair market value. The goal is to assess and maintain real property information in the City in a fair and equitable manner to ensure that each taxpayer bears only their fair share of the real property tax burden.

The Real Estate office administers the city land use and tax relief programs.


Notice of Public Hearing by the City of Harrisonburg Real Estate Board of Equalization

 Notice with text about Board of Equalization Hearings 

Additional Resources:

  • Pay Bills Online
  • Elderly or Disabled Tax Relief on your home and one automobile is available.  To see if you qualify you can contact the Real Estate office at 540-432-7795. Application deadline is May 1.
  • The Real Estate office has completed the 2023 general reassessment. Values become effective January 1, 2024 and will be reflected on the December 5, 2024 tax bill.   
  • PDF[207KB] Understanding Assessments - The Real Estate office will be glad to talk with you to confirm property information or answer any questions concerning your assessed value.

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