Rain Barrel Workshop

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Rain BarrelWhy Rain Barrels? 

Rain Barrels can be attached to downspouts to capture roof runoff. The water stored in the rain barrel can be used to water gardens or lawns. Rain barrels can also help control stormwater runoff, which can cause erosion and degrades our streams.


Although rain barrels are available at garden stores, they are not cheap! During the workshop, you will convert a heavy plastic pickle barrel into a functional rain barrel. In addition to learning how to install and maintain your rain barrel, you will learn about your role in water conservation and water quality protection.


In this workshop, you will receive a recycled plastic barrel and a rain barrel kit from the Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District that you will use to build your own rain barrel. During the workshop, you will drill holes, install the faucet, and complete other tasks to allow a barrel to catch rainwater for use around your property. Save water AND money through the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Program (if you live in the City of Harrisonburg). 

  • Think about where you will place your rain barrel so you can decide on which side of the barrel to place the faucet.
  • Be ready to take your barrel home!
  • Ages 6 and up may attend. Those under 18 should have a parent or guardian present. 
  • Tools and materials provided.

Rain Barrel Workshop

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Workshop Sponsored By:

City of Harrisonburg

Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District