Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

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Current Size: 80%

The City of Harrisonburg is committed to improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods and addressing traffic-related safety issues throughout the City. The purpose of traffic calming is to address problems related to speeding and "cut-through traffic" conditions in residential neighborhoods and on streets classified as local or residential roads.  Traffic Calming focuses on slowing traffic without restricting movement.  

This program was developed to address existing city-owned streets, as well as streets that are developed as part of future subdivisions.  

The intent of this program is to resolve traffic problems starting with the least restrictive measures and proceeding through a step-by-step program. The program stresses a philosophy that incorporates the 5 E's:

  • Education (Community Awareness)
  • Encouragement
  • Enforcement
  • Engineering (Physical Devices)
  • Evaluation


Program Information


To request police radar, speed trailer, and/or enforcement of speeds on your street, please contact the Sgt. Wayne Westfall, Harrisonburg Police Department's Operations Division, at 540-434-4436 or

Still have questions or wish to enroll your neighborhood in the Traffic Calming Program? Contact Jakob zumFelde, Public Works Planner, at 540-434-5928 or


Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Traffic Calming


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