Stream Bank Restoration at Liberty Park

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Current Size: 80%

  • Project Date: 2004
  • Partners: Friends of Blacks Run Greenway, City of Harrisonburg, Department of Game & Inland Fisheries.
  • Funding: Unknown Amount
  • Total Volunteer Hours: Unknown. Volunteers included many members from the community.

A concrete retaining wall was removed, and the bank sloped to support a riparian buffer along Blacks Run in Liberty Park.  Sloping the bank allows the water to spread out during a heavy rain, reducing the erosive forces, and depositing sediment among the plants.  The vegetation holds the soil, filters pollution out of the stream, and provides habitat for ducks, songbirds and butterflies.  A small plaque describes the many benefits of the buffer to visitors in the park.

Liberty Park was later constructed in 2006.

Liberty Park Stream Bank, before restoration

(Above) Streambank before restoration, 2003


Liberty Park Stream Restoration, 2006

Liberty Park Stream Restoration, 2006


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