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Access the IMAP: Infrastructure Maintenance and Activity Portal


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Public Access Permits are approved by the Harrisonburg Public Works Department. In efforts to make Harrisonburg business owners, residents, and visitors more aware of permitted projects that may be taking place nearby, the City has created the Infrastructure Maintenance and Activity Portal or "IMAP".

The IMAP is an interactive map that allows anyone with cell phone or computer access the ability to view all Public Works-approved Public Access Permits taking place on or within City property or public right-of-way. IMAP features include the permit number, address in which the work is to take place, timeframe in which work is expected to take place (permits are valid for a six month window), the status of the project, the permit applicant and their contact number, and a brief description of the project. IMAP projects may be archived after work is completed or permit is expired. 

The IMAP serves as a resource for local businesses, residents, and visitors to better understand what work may be coming in the near future and when work is seen, they have a resource for more information.

Please note: Emergency projects may involve permit approval and project start before the IMAP may be updated. 

What is a Public Access Permit (PAP)?

A Public Access Permit (PAP) shall be submitted to the Harrisonburg Department of Public Works and is required for construction, demolition, replacement, installation, excavation, or maintenance within the public street or alley right-of-way (ROW) related to the following:

  • Private and Commercial Entrances
  • Underground Conduits
  • Aboveground Structures (poles, towers, etc.)
  • Overhead Utility Lines
  • Excavations (test bores, emergency openings)
  • Turn Lane Construction
  • Curb and gutter
  • Sidewalks
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Trimming
  • Storm Sewer System
  • Dumpsters (Temporarily located in ROW)
  • On-Street Parking Closures
  • Sidewalk and Road Closure
  • Wireless Small Cell Facilities

Public Access Permits may be applied for online via the City's Permit Portal or by filling out our fillable form: PDF [159KB] Public Access Permit

Moving forward, the City plans to continue enhancing the IMAP with the addition of City-approved special event road closures and Public Works-planned transportation projects. The IMAP will be promoted through local media, flyers, and digital promotion through City E-newsletters and social media. 

For questions about the IMAP, the public may contact