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HFD Pizza and Smoke Alarm Event

Harrisonburg Fire Department has compiled statistics from the 12th Annual Smoke Alarm and Pizza Night that was held on July 8, 2015.  HFD visited about as many homes as previous years, thanks to the help of many department personnel (both on-duty and off-duty), Virginia Fire Programs staff, HRECC staff, volunteers, city employees, and City Council members.

The goal of the program is to visit apartments and residences in the City of Harrisonburg, and make sure there is at least one working smoke alarm in every home.  HFD recorded visits to 574 homes and apartments in the City. 

Fire personnel found over 1178 working smoke alarms, and almost 150 non-working smoke alarms.  In cases of non-working alarms, the battery was replaced or the alarm was replaced. HFD replaced 123 batteries and also added or replaced 91 smoke alarms to make homes safer for residents - a record 214 issues resolved in 150 homes by this program. That means HFD discovered problems with at least one smoke alarm in over 25% of the residences that were inspectioned!

CiCi's Pizza received over 430 phone orders, while over 150 orders were processed using an online form on the Fire Department website. The orders were then delivered by staff and volunteers between 4:00pm and 9:00pm, where the alarms in the home were checked. On-duty firefighters returned to residences in the days following the pizza event to properly install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to qualified families. 


HFD visited hundreds of homes and corrected dozens of smoke alarms which could potentially save dozens of lives.  If you didn’t participate we encourage you to check your smoke alarm regularly because it may save your life. 

Any city resident without a smoke alarm should call the Harrisonburg Fire Department at 540-432-7703 for a free smoke alarm. 

The event will be held again on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.