How Do I Find City Code?

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Current Size: 80% is the best place to find codes for the City of Harrisonburg; including: building code regulations, health and sanitation codes, planning commission information, traffic and parking regulations, safety codes, sign ordinance, subdivision ordinance, zoning ordinance, and other ordinances and information for the City of Harrisonburg. is updated four times a year with new code, so please use the Recently Adopted Ordinances page to view PDF files of new city codes.

When viewing the Municode website for Harrisonburg, all of the codes are listed on the left side of the browser window; for all titles, there is a folder icon to the left, which when clicked will reveal the chapters for that title.

Municipal Code site for the City of Harrisonburg External Link


 Municode Website

  • If you receive an error message, the folders to the left should still work.
  • Please click directly on the titles and chapters to navigate.