Federal Street Shared Use Path

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Current Size: 80%

Federal Street Block II

The project constructs a shared-use path on Federal Street between East Market Street and East Water Street. It replaces the posts that currently delineate the path with more permanent features that separate the path from the vehicle lane. 

Federal Street Phase II map

To navigate the above image at a larger scale please view: Federal Street Shared Use Path Phase II  pdf icon [6.54MB]

Project Schedule:

Preliminary Engineering – 2021-22

Right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation – 2023

Construction – 2024


Federal Street Block I

Federal Street Block I Improvements photoThis project reallocated space on Federal Street, between Elizabeth Street and Market Street, to construct a shared-use path that people bicycling and walking can use as an alternative to Liberty Street, Main Street, and Mason Street, where there are no separate facilities for bicycles.  The project made a 2-way local street in Downtown into a one-way street to provide the space for the separated bicycle and pedestrian path.  The block between Elizabeth Street and Market Street has become one-way northbound for vehicle traffic.  A conceptual diagram of the proposed improvements, as identified in the Downtown Streetscape Plan, is shown below.  This project received funding through the VDOT Transportation Alternatives Program.


Project Schedule:

Between Elizabeth Street and Market Street

Preliminary Engineering - 2019

Construction - 2020


The Federal Street shared use path is planned to connect the Northend Greenway to the Bluestone Trail by way of downtown, to eventually provide a seamless, dedicated north/south bicycle and pedestrian route.  More information can be found in the Bicycle Pedestrian Plan and the Downtown Streetscape Plan.