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arrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts: Partnering with Everbridge for Enhanced Safety

We are excited to announce that the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center has partnered with Everbridge, a global leader in critical notification systems, as the delivery platform for our Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts program. This partnership is a significant step towards enhancing the safety and well-being of all citizens in the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.


The Importance of Staying Informed

During emergencies, staying informed is crucial for your safety and your loved ones. Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts aims to provide timely and accurate information when it matters most.


Easy Sign-Up Process

  1. Visit Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts Sign-Up Page  (https://member.everbridge.net/311715841442022/new)
  2. Set up your Everbridge profile, fill in your contact details and preferences.
  3. (Optional) Download the Everbridge App.


Stay informed, stay safe. Join Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts today and be a part of a safer community.


Need Assistance?

Contact the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts team at EmergencyAlerts@hrecc.org or call 540-434-4436 and ask to speak with the Technology Team.


Have you signed up for Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts before or can’t remember if you did?

Not a problem! Set up a new account with the Everbridge link and any duplicate data or phone numbers will be merged with your new account.


Why Everbridge?

Everbridge is globally recognized for its ability to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to critical events. Annually, Everbridge Mass Notification sends 5 billion messages to 600 million people worldwide, backed by over 160 global patents. It is the only platform offering end-to-end critical event management, combining intelligent automation with comprehensive risk data. This collaboration ensures our community stays informed and prepared during emergencies.


Everbridge Mass Notification

The Everbridge Mass Notification platform enables the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center to efficiently and accurately send critical information directly to you across multiple channels like SMS, email, desktop alerts, social media, and voice calls during a disaster, local emergency, or public safety incident.


The Everbridge App

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts are now available through the Everbridge app in addition to the standard delivery methods. The user-friendly Everbridge app is an excellent addition to our emergency alert program, providing real-time alerts on severe weather, active shootings, utility outages, and other emergencies. Our partnership with Everbridge ensures that you receive precise and timely information directly from the source as soon as it is available.


What Alerts Will You Receive?

As a subscriber to the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts service, you will receive notifications about critical incidents and threats to your health and safety. These may include severe weather updates, local emergencies, shelter-in-place notifications during active violence incidents, public safety alerts, evacuation orders, public utility outages, and any other event or incident that may impact you or your family.


No Cost, High Value

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Alerts program and Everbridge app are available to all residents and visitors of the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County at no cost. This is a valuable resource for your safety and peace of mind.


Privacy and Data Use

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center is fully committed to ensuring your personal data's safety, security, and privacy. We use your information and data solely for sending relevant emergency alerts. We manage system access with the utmost care and impose stringent data access limitations. Our team of highly trained and professional Emergency Communications Officers undergo rigorous background investigations, psychological evaluations, and comprehensive security screenings before employment. Each team member with access to your data is cleared and certified to access NCIC/VCIN data and receives annual cybersecurity training to handle highly confidential and protected data.