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Central Stores warehouse depicting inventory with worker on fork truck picking an order.Central Stores, the City of Harrisonburg’s supply purchasing and warehouse,  promotes a  professional and cooperative image, taking pride in the level of service provided to the City of Harrisonburg’s departments, handling and stocking a large inventory of common use items in quantities sufficient to obtain the best possible value for the dollar, including but not limited to office paper, safety supplies, janitorial and basic maintenance items, and emergency traffic, storm, and utility materials.

Central Stores serves the majority of the various city departments, providing every-day items necessary to serve the needs of the citizens of the city, including water and sewer pipe, valves, fittings, traffic signage, and signal repairs, and also procures and provides large quantities of items used in the various utility construction projects taking place in the city. 


Mission Statement

Central Stores exists to provide quality central storage and purchasing service for the City of Harrisonburg by:

  • Providing a central purchasing and storage facility for the multitude of supplies and materials essential to the day to day operation for the City of Harrisonburg.
  • Striving to purchase and stock the highest quality of materials at the lowest possible cost.
  • Providing immediate availability of emergency repair and maintenance materials.
  • Striving to keep costs minimal by purchasing common use items in sufficient volume to realize any available discount in the purchase price, passing it on to the various departments of the city, and ensuring the wisest possible use of tax dollars.
  • Communicating with customers and suppliers to obtain the best quality products available, stock the materials needed most by City departments, and introduce new and improved materials to the appropriate users as they become available.

All new water and sewer materials to be considered for acceptance by the City of Harrisonburg, VA must be accompanied by a copy of the City of Harrisonburg Product Submittal Form.

PDF[14KB] Water and Sewer Product List

PDF[79KB] Product Submittal Form

PDF[47KB] Delivery Policy

PDF[86KB] More Information for Vendors looking to do Business with the City


Contact Us:Exterior photo of the Central Stores warehouse

2111 Beery Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone: 540-437-4400

Fax: 540-432-1640

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm

ALL sales calls by appointment only!  

Jeremy Spitzer, Inventory Control Specialist, Jeremy.Spitzer@harrisonburgva.gov