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Accessory Structures and Additional Permit Information
Accessory structures include any structures on the property other than the principal structure. This includes decks, sheds, detached garages, gazebos, pools, and pool fences, among others. Not all accessory structures require a building permit, however, all accessory structures must comply with applicable zoning requirements. To apply for an accessory structure permit, visit the LAMA Permit Management System portal.

Accessory structures building code information [130KB]PDF

Site Plan Information [145KB]PDF

General Guidelines

Zoning Requirements


  • Decks (uncovered) located in the rear or side yard shall be at least five (5) feet from adjoining side and rear property lines.
  • Decks (uncovered) located in the front yard shall project no further than 1/3 of the front setback.

Accessory buildings for residential properties:

  • Must be located in the rear of the property.
  • Shall be at least five (5) feet from adjoining side and rear property lines.
  • Shall not occupy more than 30% of the required rear yard.

For additional information about zoning, visit or call 540-432-7700.

Building Codes Requirements


New decks or replacement or modification of the support structure of decks require a permit.


Sheds that are 257 square feet or larger, have more than one floor or will be used for car storage require a permit. See accessory structure building code information above.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming pools and swimming pool fences/barriers require permits.

Swimming Pool Fence [423KB]

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