South Main Street Turn Lane Improvements

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The Public Works Department is planning a street project to improve the safety of the South Main Street corridor in the vicinity of Port Republic Road. 

Currently, there are dual left turn lanes on southbound South Main Street at the Port Republic Road intersection.  Due to the growing amount of activity in this area of the city, the capacity of these turn lanes is routinely exceeded, causing safety concerns for southbound traffic on South Main Street. Safety can be compromised when the through lane is obstructed by the line of vehicles waiting to enter the left turn lanes.  It also causes drivers to weave from the left through lane to the right through lane to avoid or move around the obstruction, increasing the potential for crashes. The project planned to help accommodate this increased volume of left turning vehicles includes minor widening on the west side of South Main Street to provide the space needed to extend the southbound dual left turn lanes for approximately 200 feet. 

As traffic volumes on South Main Street and Port Republic Road have increased, the ability to safely make left turns onto South Main Street from E. Fairview Avenue, has become increasingly concerning.  The E. Fairview intersection is located within the functional area of the South Main Street/Port Republic Road signalized intersection, which challenges the ability to safely manage traffic at both intersections.  For this reason, while constructing the South Main Street turn lane improvement, it is also necessary to restrict the intersection of South Main Street at E. Fairview Avenue to allow only right turns in and right turns out of the neighborhood.  This will be done by constructing a channelizing island where E. Fairview Avenue meets South Main Street that prohibits left turns in and out of the neighborhood.  It will look and operate like the one located on the other side of South Main Street at W. Fairview Avenue.  You can view a sketch of the project, linked below, for greater clarity.

PDF[2MB] Intersection Conceptual Plan

The Public Works Department took great care to ensure the preservation of access to the neighborhood through other connections to Port Republic Road and South Main Street.  These facilities will remain safely accessible at Maplehurst Avenue, Moffet Terrace, and Hillcrest Drive. 

Public Survey Results

The Harrisonburg Public Works Department conducted a public survey regarding this project, accepting comments for a one month period.  The comments received and responses to them are posted below.  Any further questions may be directed to Erin Yancey, Public Works Planning Manager at 540-434-5928 or by email

PDF[2MB] Public Survey Results and Responses


  • Design - Fall 2018
  • Bid - Winter 2019
  • Construction - Summer 2020


Questions?  Contact Thomas Hartman, PE at or 540-434-5928.